Batman Arkham City playthrough pt69
Batman Arkham City playthrough pt69

This is my launch-day playthrough of Batman Arkham City, with live commentary. http for game playthroughs for fighting game coverage Follow me on Twitter @TheyCallMeDSP Get merch at

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  1. what ? Dont tell me that Poison Ivi has been tentacle-raping cat woman for the last 10 hours….

  2. I went searching for the trophies. (just beat the game a few minutes ago)

  3. i give it a week for when they make a naked catwoman on the pc version of arkham city

  4. This reminds me of Sly Cooper.

  5. @Espionajj There was also a ‚Live Nudes‘ sign in the video

  6. Catwomans so badass they should just make a game with her, lol.

  7. Catwoman looks like she is way more fun and interesting to play as.

  8. hum, wait this is chap 3 where is part 2 with poisen ivy? No wonder it took so long bt how did he miss the second part? or did i miss it in his play? i did it way early into the game

  9. @beatles123 i played this like 2 hrs in i have no idea why it took so long

  10. fuck batman her moves are better

  11. Damn, I was looking for Catwoman gameplay and then I find this – part 69… my prayers have been answered…

  12. Catwomen+69=my fav number

  13. thumbs up this if you skipped to this for cat women

  14. I think phil is right, because if you upgrade catwoman how long are you going to play as her, I think they should have given choice to the player on who to play as, thats my opinion though.

  15. did they seriously wait this long to put Cat-woman in or is this still not near the end? Could Phil have unlocked her earlier??


  17. I just came to say I really want to watch this playthrough but I don’t want to spoil the game >_< I'll watch after I finish it thanks anyway Phil

  18. 69 and Catwoman? I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HORNY!

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