Batman: Arkham City – Part 8 – Catwoman Vs. Poison Ivy
Batman: Arkham City – Part 8 – Catwoman Vs. Poison Ivy

I’m Batman! And sometimes Catwoman. Thanks for every Like and Favorite! NOW PLAYING Minecraft – Batman: Arkham City – Rage – Dead Island – ALL GAMES – BUY ZACKSCOTT SHIRTS ZACKSCOTT CHANNELS http FOLLOW ME Thank you for watching my awesome Batman: Arkham Asylum walkthrough and gameplay! I loved Arkham City, so I’m super excited for this sequel. I have the Catwoman and Robin DLC content, so watch if you’re curious about those. Don’t forget to Subscribe and tune in daily to Zack Scott Games for new episodes!

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  1. Dude not to be mean but your newest minecraft episode quality sucks

  2. FUCK YOU ZACK lol…..Jk

  3. @ZackScottGames you wont believe the ending zack and brill vid man!

  4. make a new batman video there awsome my friend has the game but I can’t go to his house and I wana get it so bad

  5. @isaveunow why tank you n____n

  6. Joker dies in the end

  7. I WAS THE 200th LIKE!

  8. @dragonballzlover1231 i didnt knew people love balls especially dragon balls

  9. @RepentRecords00 ps3

  10. dude your nice on the sticks lol ps3 or 360?

  11. @TommyGun8142 Who cares if it’s a game? I’m judging it’s narrative just like you’d judge a book or a movie.

  12. @Hatsumi92 calm down, its a game

  13. Catwoman Kinda Looks Like Ashley Scott :/

  14. you missed o many double takedowns :( why arent you like countering?

  15. I like it when catwoman got tied up

  16. 6:02 You did it again. You start to say something, then Batman starts speaking and you stop and don’t finish the thought. Though this time I think you were gonna say “Joker is voiced by Mark Hamill.” Am I close? :)

  17. @ZackScottGames Congratz on saying city!

  18. @ZackScottGames “COME ON!”

  19. God, Catwoman is just the worst character. I’m not even talking gameplay wise, I just hate her personality and her awful sarcastic comments towards everything. Totally unlikable.

  20. Make longer videos zack! or the game will take a year for you to finish.

  21. I like these riddler trophies they feel like more of a challenge then just grab them.

  22. I love Mark Hamill’s Joker so much…

  23. 3:20
    I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going. . .

  24. nothing personal zack, but Ivy Rules!!! - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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