BATMAN: Arkham City – Part 33 Walkthrough – Demon Trail
BATMAN: Arkham City – Part 33 Walkthrough – Demon Trail

If you like this game, buy it here BATMAN: Arkham City Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Rocksteady Studios Fantasy Action Adventure Release: Oct 18, 2011 ESRB: Teen Walkthrough Part 33 Main Objective – Locate Ra’s al Ghul and retrieve a sample of his blood Ra’s al Ghul Demon Trail PLAYLIST: Please Comment and Thumbs Up Thanks Peace

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  • after diving with the dive bomb, how do you do a steady climb to get high again??
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  1. I’ve been fine playing up to this point but this gliding section is total shite, nice work I’ll give this a go.

  2. I realize i had to hold the dive bomb button (right trigger in xbox 360) longer + up on left joystick while holding the A button.

  3. i fuckin hate this game its way to hard

  4. another part in this game that i really hate and pisses me off

  5. Actually, YOU CAN CLIMB after a dive bomb, but it has to be a long/deep dive bomb, so you can gain impulse for a high rise (the deeper you go with the dive bomb, the higher you climb after it).Take he blue trail as a guide, to know when the dive bomb has to be performed.

    After some pain in the arse, I figured it out.

  6. Wow…royal pain in the ass but when you get the hang of it, it’s doable.

  7. 0:37

    Ra’s doing Scarecrow’s bit. XD

  8. @gocalibergaming what does that mean?
    pull back on the analog after doing a dive bomb, but if you do a dive bomb you won’t be able to climb?
    this section of the game is really fucking me off!

  9. Batman: Arkham Island. All the criminals are now on a large island in? the middle of a large lake (think Lake Michigan). Joker’s son is 5 years old, and he blames Batman for his father’s death. He gets Batman to respond to a help beacon, Batman lands the Bat-Plane on the island, it gets blown up, and now Joker Jr. is out to kill the Batman.

  10. It won’t let me carry on the trail for assasins blood Which way do I go

  11. Hey, i overheard Strange say 4 hours till protocol 10. Does that mean i’m nearing the end of the game?

  12. THANK YOU for posting this video….i have been workin on getting to the first ice rock for 5 hours… velocity is the key…did not know that…
    You are now my best friend.

  13. @DrJay420NY Just pull back on the analog right after.
    If you do a dive bomb, you won’t be able to climb.
    Watch @ 1:43. I should have done a second short dive bomb. I got very lucky on that run

  14. after diving with the dive bomb, how do you do a steady climb tp get high again??

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