Batman Arkham City Full Gameplay Walkthrough (No Commentary) #16
Batman Arkham City Full Gameplay Walkthrough (No Commentary) #16

Can i get 20 likes?! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. lol, thank you, i found it, you where helpfull, i just never saw the litle switch to hack it to open his door, thanks a bunch.

  2. @deucerayray Mr freeze is in the third room dude haha, try going to the main museum where the guys with the thermal goggles were, walk up to the costume.
    if that doesnt work hes in the room to the left of the lounge (when your looking at the lounge)

  3. where is mr freeze, i literaly looked everywhere in the museum, i dint leave any place left to look for,
    not sure if its a clitch, i have to more cops to rescue and i think they are the ones with penguin.

    what is the name of the chamber where mr freeze is supposed to be located, thanks a bunch.

  4. @deucerayray noo, find mr.freeze first leave the place where penguin is and go to the place opposite the lounge !
    a video will be up in a sec

  5. i found penguin, but he has a ice gun and i cant figure out what to do afterwoards, i tryed literally everything! they tell me that i have to find mr freeze and he will tell me how to disable the tabarnak the gun!!

  6. @deucerayray go to the third place, you’ve got the lounge and where the peguin is!
    go to the third one 🙂

  7. im stuck, i cant find mr freeze, im going in circles in the museum!

  8. Should say that they could not get past opening the first door to the left and good not get near a panel to use the cryptographic sequencer.

  9. Good god could Tuesday get here fast enough. These 3 days feel like 300 !!! 🙁

  10. @kingNazaru – In the gladiator pit there are two electric doors and there are 3 chain type doors. The chain type doors one of them is operated by remote batarang up the centre and then down the stair case that does not have the penguin statue. Tried to use the Cryptographic on the doors and that did not work. Can you advise where going wrong please. Thanks in advance.

  11. You need to use Cryptographic Sequencer on the doors.

  12. Penguin shot a black guy! Lets sue him for racism!

  13. Haha, batman is here for „fries“ you want ketchup with that? lol

  14. need to use detective mode more often and when is next part coming up

  15. When you fly the remote batarang into the fuse boxes it says „a batarang will hold enough to hold enough charge to blow the fuse box“ and that is where they are stuck

  16. @amacmo13 Once that is done then you need to go through the gate it opens. You will get the option to decode the lock which then allows you to send the lift up to get the trophy after you break the glass. Then follow the corridor and you will see three grails. Fly a remote batarang and if you go through the hole and turn right you will get one of the fuse boxes. If you fly the batarang through the glass and turn right and right again you will find the other.

  17. Really good video showing the gameplay. Thank you for showing us how you progress with this game. Ignore these kids with nothing better to do than slag or put you down. I know someone who has just got to the part of the game where your video ends and cant get past this part so they will be delighted to see how you get on with the next video. If you are still to play it – There are 3 fuse boxes that need to be shorted. First one you need to remote the batarang to go down one of the stairs

  18. I’m liking the parts where you have no fucking clue what gadget to use, so most of the playthrough 😀

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