Batman Arkham City: 1970 ‘s Retro Batman DLC Skin Suit First Impression (Gameplay / Commentary)
Batman Arkham City: 1970 ‘s Retro Batman DLC Skin Suit First Impression (Gameplay / Commentary)

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  1. how do u apply skins in stoy mode i beat the game plz help

  2. @CyclonusTrion How do you continue?

  3. That’s the Denny O’Neil/Neal Adams Batman from the comics. This was the iconic Batman all the way through to the early 90s. This is the skin that I am the most excited to get!!

  4. @alecr17 funny that is beast

  5. @melikestalaugh Once you finish the main story, you can use whatever outfits you have by simply continuing the main story.

  6. i downloaded this one but i couldnt find it at the menu

  7. Actually the 90′s cartoon didn’t have the yellow oval around the bat on his chest… He was grey and black only… Way more badass that that retro batman…

  8. Can you use the skins in the main story or only in challenge mode?

  9. @SkillzAdam actually you can get the batman beyond skin for the price of a can of nos check out his video for the batman beyond skin dlc

  10. That looks awesome. Classics never die

  11. I have a few questions, do you have to beat the game on normal to use the skins? And how do you restart the game without losing your gadgets and history??? Please help.

  12. I’ve got the Gamestop codes for unlocking Batman Animated skin, and Joker Carnival map. How do I use the code for thr Gotham Knight movie? Can u give the PSN code for unlocking the 1970′s skin?

  13. @dmaster5556 That’s actually the sixties so hopefully they do an Adam West one with that.

  14. anyone interested in trading their batman beyond skin code for my 1970 retro skin code? its just i like the beyond skin better :)

  15. the skins are onnly useable in new game mode or regular story mode after passing it? and how do you chose it in the game?

  16. It looks pretty tacky in the original cartoon, but it looks pretty snazzy here!

  17. It’d have been an extra treat if they added little sound effects to match the old comical style of the 1970′s series like the trumpet blare and the “WHAM!” or “POW!” animations whenever you finish someone off.


  19. Do u have to buy this skin afterwards with your own money or do u just get it?

  20. Do you think you can show the batman beyond skin in story mode with like, flying and such?

  21. @tetraninja True True I think you have proven that this batman is more Smexy then adam west ;D …. :)

  22. OH sweet. The original is definitely the best. It would be cool if they had a skin where the cape was done how Todd Macfarlane drew him.

  23. @tetraninja indeed! a true hero! not sure if you saw a previous post of mine, but in case you didn’t, thanks for all these uploads man, love your videos and the commentary is simple, but fun to listen too as well. keep it up!

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