Hunt for Oasis – Hunt for Oasis SEASON 2 FINALE – Episode 8 (HD)
Hunt for Oasis – Hunt for Oasis SEASON 2 FINALE – Episode 8 (HD)

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  1. what mods do u use

  2. I loved hunt for oasis with the mods ^_^

  3. Hey chimney swift can u put up a link to a item spawn mod download, like the mod u had the first time u found a pyramid and spawned diamond armor?

  4. @Streunekater hey thats not a bad idea! i hope ur advice will help him. :D

  5. Nice season, nice finale! Thanks a lot, Chimney!
    Maybe you should use some of the standard tricks for mazes? :D E.g. keep your left hand on the left wall always… or: block all already identified dead ends with 1 Sand and thus reduce the maze to the correct path :)

  6. I don’t think that RAM is good anymore


  8. Chimney “There are little girls crying, why are you crying?”
    Me “Chimney, you never ask why the little girls are crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  9. U put up the file for oasis 1 and 2 save files?

  10. calm down its a game…

  11. i like scary movies and im 9 XD

  12. where did this guy get his soundpacks? i want them for next Halloween.

  13. holy crap i’am so scared that i called someone to stay w/ me. xDDD
    + i almost screamed. o.o

  14. holy scary sounds batman!

  15. it is sammy from call of duty waw and black ops at 4:29 oooooooooooooooooooo

  16. @haloandnerflover531 XD exactly


  18. LMAO! this was the funniest episode yet!

  19. Season 3 – YOGBOX

    That would be awesome.

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