Saints Row 2 – Spider Bike Glitch Tutorial (Machinima)
Saints Row 2 – Spider Bike Glitch Tutorial (Machinima)

A short video tutorial on how to do the spider bike glitch in Saints Row 2 by director DuVaL AK47. Tags: saints row two spider bike glitch tutorial machinima xbox 360 xbox360 duvalAK47 Duval Ak47 stunts tricks tips cheats codes funny

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  1. i did it wit a zzenith

  2. i am going to try it with a pewee i did it with a car on low gravity but didnt tape it :(

  3. i did it with a car but didnt tape it :(

  4. you can do it with the asians dude bike

  5. @bigo3293 up down left right cricle green and hold down pancake

  6. i found this glitch by accedent.

  7. you can do this with a car to but u have to go off a ramp and land on the wheels on a tower

  8. NICE!

  9. loving the tune.

  10. MUSICC namee?

  11. MUSICC nanee ?

  12. @thomaskk10 cool

  13. spider bike, spider bike, does whatever a spider bike does can he swing rom a web no he can’t he’s a bike LOOK OUT! HE’S A SPIDER BIKE!

  14. LOL See Like a Fucking Spider At 2:06

  15. ads suck

  16. @bigo3293 google chrome add blocker

  17. Doesnt that dude have cancer..?

  18. “shut the fuck up” *nod*

  19. i did this with a kaneda

  20. Is this patched or does it still work today

  21. it works with the kenda bike to

  22. i did this glitch by accident when i first bought the game with the 5-0 car :P

  23. @112345idkman i know man still, beats paying for youtube i suppose

  24. @Fir3Dir3 yea its fucking annoying i just mute it and do somthing else like lisent to music or watch a other vid

  25. @112345idkman na you can’t, its youtubes way of making money. you can only skip them when they’re like 2 minutes - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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