XBOX 360 HACK NEW Launcher and a new Emulator
XBOX 360 HACK NEW Launcher and a new Emulator

Thanks TMB, and CED. For the emulators and the launcher. Work is progressing, this came out yesterday but I was too busy to make a video. Hope you enjoy, there is more and more Homebrew coming out that some BK’s said would never happen, hows the words tasting kids.

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  1. just by looking at your xbox i already know i don’t want to do this

  2. aright there’s a sms360 and smsplus whats the difference and which is better Please answer need help

  3. cheak out my vid for some working codes

  4. nice job guy youve managed to fuck up your xbox once it was a shining happy gaming console and now it looks like shit

  5. your xbox looks awsome!!

  6. @xxdimokaxx Your retarded.

  7. nah u used the snes9x emulator but you cut out the stuff that people would hate you for cause its not a real xbox emulator

  8. I have the same monitor as you 😛

  9. @100xdamage it’s a jtag… you are new to this huh?

  10. Why is the case to your 360 off?

  11. o comon i though u ment without an xbox 360 -_-

  12. hey can emulator run halo 3 ??

  13. That is not a xbox 360 game

  14. why cant any1 make a 360 emulator for pc? that works for chipsets like intel and amd……..i wanna play my 360 games bad!

  15. @MrSolver1 um is jewish is even a race? i thought it was like asian, black, white, etc.

  16. another thing… i flashed my dvd drive to ixtreme firmware so is this possible to do without having to jtag my xbox 360???

  17. CAROLINA GAMER!! wasup can i do this without jtagging my xbox????

  18. @demetry171 Wrong dude, PC will never ever be surpassed by any console, as a console is just a sperm from a pc

  19. @MrSolver1 its not racsim its anti semitism

  20. @FOOFlGHTERS i guess your right, it would be extremely slow, but i’d be the first person to shake the hand if somebody actually got this to work at all. i’d be good to have in case your 360 Red Rings because the 6 week period in which you have to wait for a console to be fixed is too long for me.

  21. if your just intrested in gaming, i think its better to just buy a console, its cheaper that a high end PC… here in philippines a console cost like P17000 and good gaming pc will cost more….

  22. @BigMacBigge „why doesn’t anybody create software that can read xbox 360 disks and run them on a pc?“

    If you are talking about running instructions for an xbox 360 from a disk on an AMD or Intel CPU, then you are out of luck, they are not compatible. That is where emulation comes in, although, recompilation is roughly what you are talking about.

  23. @MrSolver1 yeah that was a joke i dont really hate anybody

  24. @CarolinaGamer you say you are racist so if you hate jews we have something in common >:D

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