Xbox 360 Hack: Flash Lite-On Drive
Xbox 360 Hack: Flash Lite-On Drive

Xbox 360 Hack: Flash Lite-On Drive Download Link JungleFlasher Tutorial for 1.70b *PDF* Download Link LiteOn_iXtreme_v1.61 Download Link JungleFlasher.0.1.67 Xbox 360 Disassembly Tutorial How TO DOwnload : Just Put SOme Fake Infos. And Fill The Surveys and Get The Download Link CAP: Instructions: Download JungleFlasher v0.1.67 beta package and unrar it to a folder. Download iXtremem 1.6 firmware for Lite-On 83850C from Unrar the file and put ix16-liteon838.bin file in the firmware subfolder in the JungleFlasher v0.1.67 beta folder. Install PortIO32 on your PC. PortIO32 installation files are included in the JungleFlasher v0.1.67 beta package. Open Xbox 360 (follow instructions from Xbox 360 Disassembly Tutorial). Connect an SATA cable from your PC motherboard to the Lite-On DVD drive. Use Xbox 360 console to power the drive. Run JungleFlasher v0.1.67 beta on your PC. Click the DVDKey32? tab. In the I/O Port dropbox select the port corresponding to the Lite-On drive. Note when you select the correct port, the Drive Properties section will show the Lite-On drive information (double check this!!!). Then click LO83Info button. JungleFlasher will pop up a window and ask you to power on the DVD drive with tray half open. This is the tricky part and here is how you do it: 1) Press the eject button so that the DVD tray is fully open. 2) Disconnect the power cable to the DVD drive. 3) Push the tray

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  1. step 49: red ring of death

  2. Guys. The Lite-on REQUIRES way more than this shows. If anyone needs help contact me. I do this for a living and do not want ot see you guys getting your consoled banned!

  3. @Budvviser i am wanting to flash my xbox too and i have liteon 93450c with DG16D2S-09C
    if you find a good way to flash this drive could you tell me because i dont know how to solder

  4. I did some in depth looking on how to mod my drive and I thank the mra is the way i want to go but if u know of this method please contact me. I put my contact info in the other comment block on this site. Your way may be a good way 4 your drive but I still thank theirs a another way of flashing my drive. I just want the best way of doing this so I don’t mess up the drive. Im just trying to find the best possible way to flash it. i’ll post if get it done. i’ll tell how I did so u can try it

  5. I’m of Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday from work so can i get some help flashing my 93450C drive. I don’t want to fiery my disc drive trying your method but i’ll try it if u say it will work on my type of drive.

  6. I have a Lite On Drive 93450C I was wondering if i could do the some method on my drive. Or is this the only way for my type of xbox drive. for my drive type have to us a prob and sodering on the PC board if don’t have to it this u can get a hold of me on my xbox my gamer-tag is Ma1achl or e-mail or post a comment on this page i’ll be checking back or if anyone knows please help me.

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  8. @notfunny7 No offence, but your name says the exact opposite of what this situation actually is..

  9. @notfunny7 No offence, but your name says the exact opposite of what this situation actually is..

  10. I think I have Lite-On drive. But I don’t know what model number, ex:
    • LiteOn LT+v1.1 93450 Lite Touch
    • LiteOn LT+v1.1 83850v2 Lite Touch
    • LiteOn LT+v1.1 83850v1 Lite Touch
    • LiteOn LT+v1.1 74850 Lite Touch
    How to check?

    What does I need? for cable to flash my Xbox?
    WHere to buy those cables and what is the? name of the cables?

  11. hey dude, sick tutorial although i would prefer a bit of you showing it to us, im going to try it and trust you, hopefully this is not going to fuck up my drive, thanks

  12. fuck me this isnt difficult

  13. better of buying xbox wifi adapter

  14. Does Your Xbox Have To Be Jtagged To Be Able To Flash Or No


  16. Hey can you do a video that shows exactly how to do this

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  18. wow wow wait u didnt use any kins of connectivity kit or anything? plz replay

  19. @MerTKeLpeTiN What’s the point in thumbing that up?

  20. hey dude my xbox 360 arcade is from 07-27-2009 so your xbox 360 was maded
    6 days earlier thumbs up if your xbox 360 is maded in July

  21. out of all the fucking place to upload a fucking file you use sharecash, what are you a retard?

  22. will this work if i use a sata-to-usb cable instead?

  23. hi m8 i carnt extract the io 38 wot to do?

  24. if you want a firmware upgrade i do a service for console only and dvd frive only check out my website uk only paypal payment thanks

  25. the new ixtreme lt+ 1.1! Download –>

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