Minecraft mods ep. 006 – Dual wield!
Minecraft mods ep. 006 – Dual wield!

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  1. dual portal guns 😀

  2. That would be awsome with the guns mod

  3. you have a cool castle down there

  4. thumbs up if you have the lightsab3r mod with this one >:D

  5. @MrCat90 yes. it works for any server mod, OP, Admin or owner. i don’t recommend it though. it’s often laggy and doesn’t even give you the items to you unless you relog.

  6. @MrCat90
    Yes, but you have to be an OP, or have access to a give command.
    And if there is a different command to give, you need to edit the options file.
    And if you don’t then coloured wool won’t work xD

  7. must get shields 😀

  8. Wtf is that thing in the left of the video?

  9. a sword and a bow

  10. does this work with sdk gun mod

  11. Are u the russain gun expert guy?

  12. @MrCat90 There is a version for the server

  13. like its that hard to switch XD still pretty cool


  15. how to press? Zetterland?

  16. you sound like asain and russian at the same time xD

  17. @TheRR334 No one NEEDS mods. Mods are used for fun idiot.

  18. you would have to suck realy bad you need this mod.

  19. @WindWalkerHD It works if you are OP. It’s like the /give command in multiplayer

  20. @MrCat90 yes it works in multiplayer

  21. How many times have you been told that you spelled commentaries wrong in your intro?

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