How To Mod Class Mods In Borderlands Using WillowTree
How To Mod Class Mods In Borderlands Using WillowTree

Xbox 360 Hash Block The versions go in order so don’t ask which one to DL lol Xplorer360.exe Here are my guns

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  1. u think u culd mod a class mod 4 me my gt is SNAPS K01 anybody tht culd mod me a class mod add me nd i will give u pearlescent guns really cool ones nd also really good modded guns :]

  2. can you make a tutorial on how to mod wepons on hex editor please, if you know how to?

  3. can u still fully mod guns if u clear the system cache?

  4. @QSmontage1 your a wepond

  5. i would subscribe but u used wepond workshop

  6. hahaha the money is a shield glich where they drop there shield and keep equiping the money sheild and the capacity continues to go up

  7. Thanks man, you’re so informative. I have literally become a modder just because I saw your videos. You’re tutorials are really good and they have helped me lots.

  8. @LinkDJB I know right I just did that and thats what happened! Good thing I copied my file.. Did you I can give you a modded gun and sheild my friend gave me

  9. can you post the link in the discription of the new video please

  10. evry time i try to use it it says (the application failed to initialize click ok to terminate) wtf is that shit

  11. can you make the best class mod for soldier siren ECT and put it up for download??

  12. @iNvRG i just did, i downloaded, i moded my character & shit, but once i uploaded it to my PS3, and actually load the saved data so that i can play, my PS3 freezes, i think i should just stop trying to, seeing how i suck at moding shit :/

  13. @LinkDJB are you using the newest WT version? it should be like 10r13

  14. it worls perfectly fine when i mod my guns & shit, but when i try to mod my character, the program freezes and stops working, WTF?, i need help :'(

  15. This is all so much easier in the new Beta10 version of willow

  16. when you made a mistake saying support gunner, you said support „cummer“. nice.

  17. whenever i go on my inventory in borderlands, it freezes.
    can u please help me.

  18. I know I will probably get flamed for having said this but here goes anyway. lol Your video is really well shot and incredibly informative and whatnot, almost perfect actually, but was it really necessary to cuss so much dude? I know I sound like a twat for asking, but my kids were around when I was watching this tutorial and I had to mute it dead in the middle of the instructional portions. lol Just asking, but great video though dude, keep up the awesomeness of good work!! lol

  19. any one who can give me a moded class mod for a hunter ide give Microsoft points
    GT:AoR Protocol v1

  20. hey do you know how to get the Rose Omega?

  21. how do you get weapons work shop

  22. u know how to hex edit class mods i noob at hex edit

  23. I don’t think that these guns will work because this was released before the 1.2 patch

  24. „You have to put the quality to 5, or else it’s gonna be a peice of shit“ Lol. I love your vids dude.

  25. can u get me to level 70 sometime

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