Dead Space 2 – HOTOGRAM – Part 26
Dead Space 2 – HOTOGRAM – Part 26

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  1. I miss Howard….. T-T

  2. OMG Toby gave a shout out to a really funny comment on one of his videos! Funny! I am geeking out!

  3. @BrEnNo1023 that reminds me of RWJ’s fail immitations of ppl.

  4. I love how when he sees a demon he shoots it like 8 times even though hes dead

  5. „My Brain Works Faster Than Most… Urmmm…“ Here’s An Idea, It Works Faster Than Most Brains.

  6. 1:06 LOFLZ that demon runs fast XDDDD

  7. @dommarniasarf if he was in church his name would be Justin Bible

  8. @BrEnNo1023 i’m very sorry for you mr. and mrs. Rebecca black

  9. dont you dare come out of the wood work and murder me.. wood people o.O …. AHHH WOOD DEMON I SWEAR TO GOD. lol xD dude i wana come game with u some day jus so i can listen to your commentary as you play :3


  11. „Stupid diligent woodcarving demon!“ Where the hell do you come up with this stuff??

  12. @WowImSuperRandom Justin biber

  13. CREAMED BABY! CREAMED demon gerber…gerber baby from hell lol

  14. @WowImSuperRandom Issaclarkslayer10218

  15. Hmm I Wonder What That Demons Facbook Name Would Be………….

  16. I lolled, when Toby said LOL. Literally. 8DD

  17. Watching Toby playing Dead Space 2 + eating chocolate = well.. do not try.
    Honestly. 8D

  18. @Tikisayrah ha, that’s what she said!

  19. Thumbs up if u jump out the chair at 4:50

  20. Hey Toby Iam FROM THAILAND

  21. „Sorry I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness“ hahahahaha I have that shirt

  22. „I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness“ hahahahaha I have that t-shirt 😀

  23. He’s not actually upgrading anything when he’s using the bench… you have to click on the colored dots… the empty ones just lead to the colored dots, but don’t actually do anything.

  24. I finally sneezed!:D

  25. „You’re not in the right hole“ x]

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