Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Secret Crouch Hole – Part 11
Amnesia: The Dark Descent – Secret Crouch Hole – Part 11

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  1. Lol, I’m drinking coffee

  2. When you panic…..You do lots of things! lol

  3. 0:51 to 1:01 ‘Wreaking Havoc in the Cellar’ :D

  4. Dr. Will Smith. FUCK YEAH!

  5. “I have to go number one. And now you know.”

  6. Oh god.. GREEN.. GREENNESS!

  7. TOBY! use the damn lantern! and stop lighting the tinders..

  8. @kingcainjr
    When Toby says that, he reminds me of Jim Carrey’s character in Cable Guy (he stalks a guy called Steven).

  9. NEVER watch this at 1130and wen there’s a thunderstorm becuz if ur power goes out…..I don’t even want to write wat would happen……

  10. “Hello? Steven? Your really scaring me Steven”
    until i find out who this Steven is. i will not be content.

  11. I thought Daniel was English…why does he spell it ‘color’ and not ‘colour’?
    Silly Daniel…stop trying to be American.

  12. @sashangelwings wow don’t you hate it when people use SAT words in normal, everyday conversations? because i know i do…

  13. Toby, you give me a heart attack every time you make loud noises D:
    But I love you anyway XD

  14. @RedrectStation11
    I love how you interrupted this conversation and completely turned it around as a way to show that nerds are amazing.
    For this, my fellow nerd, I salute you.

  15. Daniel’s eating Pringles.

  16. It’s the boxes! The way to the blocked door is behind the boxes! When he passes it for the 52 times you can see light comming thru!

  17. Jeez, I almost got a heart attack. I was just watching you play this and I was nearly pissing my pants BUT then I heard a weird noise and I almost got palpitations – then I realised it was my cats snoring -__-

  18. Damnit Toby, why don’t you use your lantern!?

  19. I love how you’re trying to reassure Daniel. :’D (The poor guy’s scared of everything)

  20. its funny how he moves EVERYTHING except what he is suppose to before he finds out how to

  21. lol that thing was an instrument :DD for working on wood

  22. When he made the dog noise I laughed so hard that I had to imitate it and my dogs came running! Hahaha

  23. @sashangelwings Hey think of it this way us nerds need to stick together but miss @Enjoyseggs is jelous because instead of learning they enjoyed to many eggs and can not think because it is coman (know i did not spell that right)sense that that is a carving tool because near it there is a hammer and a saw plus other carving tools

  24. @EnjoysEggs Perhaps you are not as smart as you believe if you did not pick up on the fact that I understood that this was an attempt to insult me and choose to interpret it as a compliment anyway. I could provide further evidence that places your intelligence into suspect, I find it pointless to continue bantering with an individual that can’t even muster up the energy to use capital letters. I hope that if we do end up conversing again it will be on better and more relevant terms.

  25. @sashangelwings maybe you’re not a nerd. nerd implies that you’re smart and you obviously aren’t smart if you can’t realize that i’m insulting you. and i wasn’t even being passive agressive about it. - Blog Ping-Dienst, Blogmonitor

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