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Eric of writes:

„Portal 2 is a great game but ever since I started playing it I kept wondering what it would be to play it with motion controls. While PC gamers will get to use motion controls to play Portal 2 this summer, console gamers never got the chance. But it looks like someone was able to hack the Kinect to play Portal 2.“
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Portal 2 is here and it outshines its predecessor in every way. The 2007 surprise blockbuster was only three hours long and came packaged with several other games in the Orange Box. The astonishingly well written and inventive puzzler generated memes for months to come and is still quoted today. The cake is a lie and Jonathan Coultons ending credits song Still Alive are plastered on t-shirts and are available in the Rock Band store. How could such a successful independent game get a sequel that would do any justice to the first game? Valve found a way.
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Having just released First Strike, the first DLC map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Treyarch has released information on their second. This map contains 4 multiplayer maps – Zoo, Convoy, Hotel, Stockpile – and, more noticeably, a new Nazi Zombies map: Call of the Dead.

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